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Eddie Kingston tells everyone why he’s going to be Chikara’s first grand champion this weekend. Amazing promo. Tears here.

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    Promo got me emotional.
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    One of my favorite promos of 2011.
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    So amazing. Underrated moment from 2011. A real wrestling promo.
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    THIS is a fucking wrestling promo. Wow. I can’t wait to be sitting in the front row for this one. If you are in/near...
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    If you watch this and don’t want to order High Noon there is something wrong with your brain. Seriously, you should have...
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    I try not to reblog if a bunch of you guys have already done so, we all pretty much follow the same gang anyway, but I...
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    That solidifies it. I’m buying the PPV now.
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    It’s guys like this that make me love pro wrestling.
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    Holy shit.
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    Felt my little heart break. That was beautiful.