Endure and Survive

Barrylad. 22. Irishman incapable of growing proper facial hair. Faux-journalist. Fan of beer and hugs. Sinister. Friend to everyone.

Columnist for Pro Wrestling Ponderings - the number one site for indie wrestling coverage.

Blogger for FanOff.com - home of RBR wrestling.

Contributor to Fighting Spirit Magazine in the UK - available in Easons and WHSmiths. US readers can find it on the iTunes app store.

Watch out for spoilers for; The Last of Us, Breaking Bad, BioShock Infinite and some other things!

Oh and most importantly; don't be afraid to say hi.


The absolute state of my hair… and everything else. GAWD THE LENGTHS I GO THROUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE. That’s the last of it, no more.

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