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Barrylad. 22. Irishman incapable of growing proper facial hair. Faux-journalist. Fan of beer and hugs. Sinister. Friend to everyone.

Columnist for Pro Wrestling Ponderings - the number one site for indie wrestling coverage.

Blogger for FanOff.com - home of RBR wrestling.

Contributor to Fighting Spirit Magazine in the UK - available in Easons and WHSmiths. US readers can find it on the iTunes app store.

Watch out for spoilers for; The Last of Us, Breaking Bad, BioShock Infinite and some other things!

Oh and most importantly; don't be afraid to say hi.


"The Pro Wrestling Apocalypse" from Awesome Dude.

A celebration of all things violent, from WWE to FMW, CZW to the most violent matches of Joshi, original ECW to… fake ECW, and everywhere in between. Mick Foley, Eddie Kingston, Necro Butcher, Jay Briscoe, and more; if they’ve ever bled or mutilated themselves for your amusement they’re in this awesome music video from the current MVZone World Champion. But be warned; it’s most definitely not PG.

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