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Woman expresses her disliking for Daniel Bryan and her affection for all the hotties.

Prime example of why I hate being a woman in the wrestling world. This hurts my brain.

How do people like this exist?

LOUL. Wimmin.

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    Fucking female wrestling fans…….
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    this is amazing
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    she doesn’t like all the “hotties” she thinks john cena, alberto del rio & cody rhodes suck and she likes big show
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    Oh dear god. She said “That’s all I gotta say” like 500 times throughout the entire video…she needs to not say anything…
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    "An avid supporter of WWE… As in wrestling". Evidently not. This was painful to watch.
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    How the fuck did you guys find my YouTube channel? “You lost the title in 18 seconds because… you’re retarded....
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    How did you people last longer than seven seconds? Her fucking voice made me instantly stop watching.
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    This is one of the most annoying things ever
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    LOUL. Wimmin.
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    God jesus lord. ‘Treshbeehg’
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