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[Brodus] came out doing this giant dancing gimmick with Trinity McCray and Ariane Andrews as his dancers. McCray was Naomi from NXT, the best athletic woman they’ve probably ever had, and thus, never used. Andrews, also known as Cameron Lynn, is the woman from Tough Enough who was the first person cut from the show, and when asked by Austin what the best wrestling match she ever saw was, said Melina vs. Alicia Fox. Yes, Luke Robinson can’t even get a developmental deal. Jeremiah Riggs with all his obvious potential can’t get a deal (granted, he was his own worst enemy, but they got better reactions from the crowd than half the roster). And she not only got signed, but is now a few months later on the main roster.

This gives me the anger.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a minute. Tough Enough was a work. Everyone should be able to infer that simply based on the fact that Andy Leavine (Kevin Hackman) and Christiana Crawford (Caylee Turner/Alicia Fox’s sister) both had WWE developmental contracts PRIOR to the show. All of the contestants were playing characters and chosen for a specific reasons. That’s not to say that some of them aren’t the same kind of person in real life as they portrayed on the show, but I wouldn’t count Ariane Andrews/Cameron Lynn out. I watch her every week at FCW and the girl is committed. She’s also not half bad. That’s not to say she’s a Sara Del Rey, but she’s also not a super botch machine like the Bellas and Rosa some of the other girls on the main roster. That’s all.

Oh, p.s. I’m stoked about Naomi.

There was a lot of worked aspects of Tough Enough, like it was known that certain people weren’t going to get cut despite their failings because they were favoured by WWE (Rima Fakih) but it wasn’t a total work. Ariane may be showing improvement in FCW, but the point is how she got there to begin with. She showed less than nothing on Tough Enough and became a massive joke to anyone who saw the show. Whereas Luke and Jeremiah not only outshined most of the other contestants, but could also teach some people on the main roster a thing or two when it comes to charisma.

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