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A rant about this Kharma situation…

Just some things that need to be said about the internet;

1) I get great enjoyment out of this fake outrage by some people. “What the FUCK is wrong with this woman getting pregnant at this stage in her career?” Yes, how dare she have a personal life, and how dare she make a personal choice, and how dare she throw a spanner in the works of this EPIC program she’s building with Brie fucking Bella. What IS wrong with her? People are weird, and get annoyed (or realistically, they pretend to get annoyed) about the weirdest stuff. Even if this turns out to be true, it’s an absurd thing to complain about.

2) This fake outrage is all based on MADE. UP. “FACTS”. The initial story as broken by F4Wonline.com said she’d be out for over nine months. Nothing more. Nothing less. Of course this leads to every internet GENIUS coming to the conclusion that she’s pregnant. You are getting outraged over something that there is no evidence for. To make up a story, or believe an obviously made up story, AND THEN GET ANNOYED ABOUT IT is completely absurd.

3) This whole debacle reminds me why I’m glad I have a subscription to the Observer and am not reliant on free sites. The embellishment and bullshitting that goes on there is just mind boggling. Say what you will about F4W, and there is some drawbacks to the site of course, but free sites are just the dirt worst. Here’s their system;

-Take news stories from the Observer/The Torch/PWInsider.

-Misinterpret or half-read these stories.

-Write up a distorted, misinformed version of this story.

-Embellish upon it, making up extra facts and tidbits, citing the Observer/Torch/PWInsider as the source, or citing “a reliable source in WWE/TNA”.


An example of this came today when I read a free site (who I wont plug) covering the Kharma situation. Citing F4W as their source, they mentioned everything that Bryan Alvarez originally published yesterday evening but went on to say that “We have been told by a reliable WWE source said ‘It’s what you think it is…’”. Basically making up a source, and implying that this rampant internet speculation is accurate.

If it comes out that this pregnancy thing is true, my points will still stand. The fact is, right now we don’t know and it’s just bringing out the worst in people. People are moronic enough to post made up shite, passed off as news, and other people are stupid enough to buy it. And to go back to my original point, people are treating this woman as though she’s the Anti-Christ because she is having a child and is not adhering to their smark-boner enduing fantasy booking.

I think that’s all. I have to say.

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