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Layla El MV - Don’t Wake Me Up (by DaBossx07)

A great Layla El career retrospective video from Kxl3vy.


Final MV reupload. "Once I Get It" a recap of one of my favourite matches and moments of the year as Daniel Bryan wins the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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Given Monday’s antics, what better time to reupload this video of mine, looking at R-Truth’s heel character. I went for something a little darker when making it, not really as funny as he became on TV. I made it this past Summer, and got a tonne of great feedback from the guys at the MV Zone. Quite happy with it still.

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Watching his DVD reminded me to reupload this. A Chris Jericho career retrospective MV I made earlier this year. Hope ya like.

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Alrighty, continuing with the reuploading of my videos. This is the last one I made before I had to take a little break for college. I wanted to do something a little bit different, a little bit fun, so I made this video basically looking at how lame Jack Swagger’s title run was. I really liked Swagger at the time and thought he deserved better. Plus I finally got to use a Smiths song in a video, so success.

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Through the Door, Up the Rungs by Zee.

A really creative MV from Zee, looking at the wide spectrum of wrestling, starting with the smallest indie, and ending on the biggest stage.


"To My Fans" - R-Truth MV. I think I like this the most out of my own MVs but IDK.

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The 25 Greatest Days by Air Ryan.

A look at the first 25 Wrestlemanias.

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So yeah this was the first thing I’ve made in months. It’s only a tester. I’ve had the idea in my head for months so I just wanted to make a start on it. It’s shitty but it’s about sorta getting an idea for what I’m going for. This would be about two minutes into the finished thing. I’m planning on making the full thing 12 minutes or so. Not sure if like.

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I really miss editing. Once things at college calm down I’m going to get back into it. I miss the satisfaction of thinking up an idea and making it happen. I was super proud when I finished this.

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Eddie - Beej.

My favourite Eddie tribute ever, from Beej of the MVZone. Happy birthday Eddie! :)

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The Streak of Iron - FBM.

One of my favourite videos of the last few months. I just love the streak and I think it has been the highlight of the last five or so Wrestlemanias. Great vid.

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