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"PAIN" - Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack by Health.

Bought the album today, and this was the standout track to me. And that’s saying something, it was a fantastic soundtrack. I’m a sucker for a track like this, and it sums up the tone and mood of many scenes in the game. Max Payne has always been about more than just slow motion shootouts, and the third game is no different. This beautiful track sums up a lot of the heavy themes in the game, and gives you an idea of what it’s all about. Just one of the reasons Max Payne 3 has one of the best soundtracks in any video game, ever.

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Artist: UnknownHEALTH
Track: UnknownSEVERIN
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From the finale of Max Payne 3. It’s awesome. Thanks for the free soundtrack, guys~!

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"Pay Your Respects" - Batman: Arkham City OST

Arkham City’s original score was award winning, and one of my favourite soundtracks in any game or film. Frustratingly, it was never released in full. There was a terrible album of songs “inspired” by the game available to buy on iTunes (you also got it free with the collectors edition) but the actual in-game soundtrack remains unreleased. If you buy the delux edition of that album on iTunes, you get a few tracks from the game’s actual score but this track is not included.


This song, ripped from the game itself and uploaded by a fan, plays when Batman discovers the alley where his parents died. The player can opt to kneel by the scene, “paying their respect” at which point this song plays. It’s one of my favourite moments in the whole game.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST - Track 1.


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