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Top 10 Wrestling Games of All Time by Steve and Larsen from Machinima.

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So last night I went to a PWG show “Failure To Communicate” and while I’m waiting to get in the arena I look over to my right and see Bryan Williams standing right next to me!. He’s not a huge celebrity or anything but he’s the Senior Game Designer of the THQ WWE video games. I always see him on youtube doing interviews about the game and so it was a shock to see him in person .He was so chill we talked about WWE 13, Indy wrestling, and basketball.  They are already working on WWE 14 and he asked me for feedback on what he should do it was so surreal. He also brought Aubrey Sitterson with him 


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Are you ready… To play as DX in WWE ‘13? (Official) (by WWEGames)

Anyone else kinda disappointed that this game isn’t being marketed around Punk like we all first thought? All the ads last year had Randy Orton. This year it’s DUDES FROM 15 YEARS AGO~! Maybe I’m nitpicking, in fact I definitely am.

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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand review. "Gameswipe" special.

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Michael Cole’s cuntitude captured in video game form.

(Interviewing Daniel Bryan) WWE.com:  Ever since your early days as a Rookie on WWE NXT, Michael Cole has been your biggest critic. He has constantly jabbed at you on commentary, and that is also replicated in the game. Were you offended hearing the digital Michael Cole make fun of you?

Boy do I not want to play that any more.

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The Rock is not incentive for me to pre-order your game.

Make better games or suck my balls. Thx.

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The new WWE game has RICARDO. Instant buy.

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