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Contributor to Fighting Spirit Magazine in the UK - available in Easons and WHSmiths. US readers can find it on the iTunes app store.

Watch out for spoilers for; The Last of Us, Breaking Bad, BioShock Infinite and some other things!

Oh and most importantly; don't be afraid to say hi.

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The Adventures of El Generico - Bless

This is a super fun look at El Generico in PWG. Best in the world, man!

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Rock vs. Austin - Act I - Tucker Bros. Films (by DragoSteelers)

More a short film than a music video, this is an amazing recap of one of the greatest rivalries in the history of pro wrestling between two icons - Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. The three part epic looks at their Wrestlemania matches and how they came about. Do not miss this.

Act II


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Durty530 - We Are Young (by xDIIIxdurty530)

A really fun WWE freestyle MV from Durty, with a great song to boot. Give it a watch.


Brock Lesnar tribute video “Lay You Down.”

Appropriate for anyone not familiar with him, or looking to get reacquainted. I made this a year ago. Very proud of it.

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2012 - Limericklad

Just a brief little video I threw together to let my YouTube subscribers (and anyone else interested) that I’m hoping to get back into MV editing big time in 2012. I had to pretty much give it up for the last four months or so because college was getting tough and I had to put it to one side. I was really disappointed I didn’t get to be part of the MVZone’s Vidmas event as it looked fantastic. So yeah, onwards and upwards in 2012. The video is nothing special. I just loved the song, but I didn’t think it would work with a full length video so I threw this together. Hope you enjoy.

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A nice review for an MV of mine...

The MV Hub reviewed my R-Truth MV. Check out the score above. Here’s the video itself:



"Nightmare" by V35. Great Randy Orton MV. V35 is an editor to watch in the new year.

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From one of the most talented music video editors today comes this phenomenal Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk promo. As good as anything you’ll see on WWE TV, anyone who’s ever wanted to see this dream match needs to check out this amazing video from the gifted robvandamisgood of the MVZone.

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The MV Zone presents PROJECT [WEEZER] II. A brand new multi-editor project.

A look at what we love about pro-wrestling in 2011, and why we still watch. Everything from Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim’s romance, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and more… oh and, of course… the 2011 Summer of Punk. I hope everyone enjoys and shares!

(I’ve got a section in there too, looking at Triple H vs. Undertaker)

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To My Fans - Limericklad

A look at R-Truth’s two personas and his relationship with fans. This is a little tumblr exlusive. ;)

My entry in the “Crowning our Champions” contest over at The MV Zone. The contest was due to launch on the 14th and is just a few hours away, but I’ve put this up on YouTube just a teency bit early cos I’ll likely be asleep when the contest goes live.

I hope you guys like it and feel free to share! :)

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"No Bravery" by Th3rd.

One of the best MVs ever made, and certainly one of the most emotional. A dark look at the Chris Benoit tragedy, which took place roughly four years ago today.

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A screen cap from my current project.

A screen cap from my current project.

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