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Doctor who is on hiatus

Supernatural is on hiatus

The Walking Dead is on hiatus

Sherlock is on hiatus


teen wolf is on hiatus

pretty little liars is on hiatus

the mindy project is on hiatus


Arrow is on Hiatus

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is on hiatus

Hannibal is now on hiatus

Soooo…. *twiddles thumbs* do you guys like… stuff?

Weather channel fandom, it’s your time to shine

Wrestling is never on hiatus! 



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The way wrestling fans get on Maria Menuonous is straight embarrassing. You’d think that as a demographic of people who always have their hobby ridiculed, we’d at least have respect for someone who quite obviously loves what we love.

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Shoot me a wrestling related question.

Anything at all. I’m killing time.


The Complex World of Pro Wrestling Journalism

Here’s an article I wrote about wrestling fans and pro wrestling journalism. Got a lot of great feedback so far. Read, if ya want.


Fan Who Was Ejected From RAW For His Signs Speaks Out | SEScoops

We need to discuss this shit.

I am so sick of wrestling fans.

Now I hate to generalize like that because some of the best people in the world are wrestling fans - some of my best friends are wrestling fans - some of the smartest people I know are wrestling fans.

But this shit is getting to be insufferable. I am so sick of nose-in-the-air, “know it all” fans who think they’re too cool for school. Know it all is in quotation marks because, of course, they don’t know shit.

I’m of course talking about the types who think they’re doing us all a favour by chanting CM Punk at shows, as though it will have any effect on him coming back. The type too stubborn to realize that CM Punk bailed on them. He wasn’t taken from them; he bailed on them. He chose to leave, and they don’t know how to deal.

The guy who wrote this thinks he’s God’s gift to wrestling fans, and after all his douchebaggery at the show (“As I had my back turned I held up my Rousey sign that said, Ronda Rousey Would Make Super Cena Tap Out And Bleed”) he complains about being kicked out and robbed of the money he paid to get in.

"I said so you’re telling me i wasted $111 on a ticket and I’m cant watch 2 hours of the show."

Guess what asshole? You PAID that money and then made the CONSCIOUS DECISION to DELIBERATELY rile up the performers and organisation who essentially owned the venue on that night. You got what you fucking deserve.

Wrestling fans need to get a grip on reality and ditch their sense of entitlement. 

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REMINDER: This KickStarter is winding down and could use all the help you can muster! 


Kickstarter for a PRO WRESTLING BOOKER~! simulator on iOS

Fans of addictive wrestling management sims should consider supporting this Kickstarter. Tonnes of potential and I can vouch for the man behind it as a huge wrestling fan and very dedicated iOS app designer.

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Podcast: Barrylad interviews MAFFEW OF BOTCHAMANIA~!

I spoke to the brains of Botchamania about his current KickStarter, which he hopes will fund an awesome new book recounting the history of pro wrestling video games.

We talked about; the book, its history, the team behind it, the huge video game and wrestling names who’ve signed on to be interviewed, AKI games, THQ, CZW, being the man behind Botchamania, and so much more. This was a super fun interview and I’m glad to share it with y’all. Listen and share, if you’d be so kind!

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For real; WrestleZone is the absolute dirt worst site in the wrestling game. Even worse than Bleacher Report which is just comically bad.

WrestleZone, firstly, is a leech - like most free sites. It takes news from informed, higher standard, paid subscription sites and posts it for free on the internet, on their site, meaning THEY get advertising money and much-wanted clicks for other people’s works.

The news is often misquoted, exaggerated, embellished or otherwise twisted - yet still cites other people as their sources, essentially passing the buck when the news turns out to be BS.

Secondly, they give a platform to Mark Madden to spew his sensationalist, ill-informed, click-hungry bullshit in a shameless excuse for ‘journalism.’

Let’s be real here - no news source or website is 100% perfect. In or out of wrestling. But, this attitude that no news site in wrestling is trustworthy is bullshit. People just choose to read the cheapest, most sensationalist BOLLOCKS and then get annoyed about it, despite it being obvious ahead of time that this is what they do.

If you follow them on twitter or facebook, post their shit, or take the bait when they post some attention-seeking editorial you are part of the problem. Have higher standards with what you read.

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July 26th 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's first ever event. Today, PWG is regarded as one of the most entertaining wrestling companies in existence. Happy birthday PWG, and thank you.

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Listen to this week’s CSP! We review movies, laptops, TV shows and more! Also WRESTLING!

Listen to this week’s CSP! We review movies, laptops, TV shows and more! Also WRESTLING!

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People who wear ‘I’m a Chris Benoit guy’ tees are the lamest of the lames. You’re not edgy bro, you’re that faux-edgy douche who thinks he’s shocking people but he’s really just causing them to roll their eyes so far back into their heads they can check themselves for brain tumors.

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